Wednesday, September 3, 2008

MD Action/Quick/Blitz Championships

Over the Labor Day weekend, the Maryland Chess Association (MCA) sponsored the Maryland Action, Quick, and Blitz Championships. The event was run by TDs Wilbert Brown and Sathish Nath.

In the Action (G/30) tournament, GM Sergey Erenburg won with 6.0/7 with FM Tegshsuren Enkhbat trailing in second with 5.5/7. Other Kingfisher members FM Ralph Zimmer, Scott Low, and Jared Defibaugh finished in a six-way tie for 3rd at 5.0/7.

In the Quick (G/15) tournament, GM Sergey Erenburg, IM Larry Kaufman, and IM Ray Kaufman all tied for first with 6.0/7. They were the only ones to take points off one another as Ray beat Sergey, Sergey beat Larry, and Larry beat Ray in the tournament.

In the Blitz (G/5) tournament, IM Larry Kaufman won with 7.5/10. In second, there was a three-way tie between Kingfishers FM Ray Kaufman, Jared Defibaugh, and possible-future-Kingfisher Shinsaku Uesugi.

You can see the entire tournament crosstables on the USCF's MSA site.

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