Saturday, September 26, 2009

Baltimore vs. Boston

So last week was insanely busy and I didn't have time to preview the Arizona match. This week is still crazy but I have a little more time. This week we face Boston who is half a point ahead of us in the Eastern Division. A win here could be crucial to eventually securing our spot at the top of the table. A loss, would give New York or Queens a chance to catch up to us. Therefore, for the first time, we are breaking out our Kritz and Erenburg double GM lineup.

Board 1: GM Kritz 2654 (BAL) vs. GM Christiansen 2662 (BOS)

Not really sure what to say here. Both are really strong grandmasters, with Christiansen having perhaps a slight advantage in the experience category while Kritz has white. I expect quite a fight but it is hard to tell who will come out on top.

Board 2: SM Shmelov 2474 (BOS) vs. GM Erenburg 2616 (BAL)

Having Sergey relegated to board two is pretty scary... especially when you consider how well he did on board one last year. I don't think anyone can argue that Baltimore is the clear favorite on this board. I expect Shemlov will work hard to come through for his team but I don't believe he will be successful.

Board 3: FM Uesugi 2354 (BAL) vs. SM Esserman 2461 (BOS)

Shin has his hands full this week with Esserman. Advantage to Boston. However, Shin has been doing well for Baltimore so far and this will be his first white. A solid performance here should neutralize Boston's only real advantage and clinch the match in favor of Baltimore.

Board 4: NM Krasik 2252 (BOS) vs. Ian Harris 2172 (BAL)

No need for predictions here. What else could happen but a victory for Baltimore?

With victories likely for Baltimore on 2 + 4, it looks like Boston is going down... to chinatown. Tune in Monday 7:15 to witness the carnage first hand...


Anonymous said...

No 4-0 prediction for Baltimore? :)

This should be a good match. Good luck.

-Matt Phelps
Boston Blitz Assistant Manager

Ian Harris said...

Turned out pretty bad the last time someone predicted 4-0 for their team, so I think I will avoid that. ;)

Will be a fun match.

Anonymous said...

the entire USCL is rooting foryou Ian

Von_Igelfeld said...

Board 1: Draw
Board 2: Baltimore win
Board 3: Boston win

I think this really comes down to board 4 ... no pressure!!

BlunderProne said...

I am biased to for my team in Boston. I see boards 3 and 4 going in the Blitz's favor. Board 2 going to Baltimore but knowing Smelov, he'll could pull some surprises and a draw would be fine.
With the clean up on the bottom boards, all that is needed on board 1 is a draw. I think the power game will be on Board 1 Monday night.

Good luck to the Kingfishers.

Anonymous said...

"With victories likely for Baltimore on 2 + 4, it looks like Boston is going down... to chinatown" As a Chinese-American I demand an explanation the above going downtown to Chinatown something very bad and undesirable Ian, please explain?

Sun H Chai

Brian Chan said...

From my understanding, it's a quote by Robert De Niro's character from "Meet the Parents." "Going down" simply means "to be defeated," and the Chinatown reference is just a superfluous rhyme that happens to be a location.

I personally took no offense from the quote.

-Brian Chan

Anonymous said...

Could anyone please Explain to me why would Harris even think he has a chance to win when he is playing Krasik with black?? China town? funny

I think having Two GM's of course helps but having Harris on board 4 is a Baltimore's week point.

Anonymous said...

You cannot explain the unexplainable, maybe the food at UMBC is laced with MDMA, crack or something even worse. Harris simply did not show up last night and "weak" is spelled this way.

Anonymous said...

Well at least board 2 prediction was correct-- Shmelov got massacred, as did Harris. -Howard-