Thursday, October 2, 2008

Week 6 Results

New Jersey Knockouts vs. Baltimore Kingfishers 2-2
GM Joel Benjamin (2644) - GM Sergey Erenburg (2592) 0-1
IM Dean Ippolito (2500) - FM Tegshsuren Enkhbat (2446) 1-0
NM Mackenzie Molner (2397) - FM Ray Kaufman (2348) 1-0
NM Victor Shen (2265) - Aaron Kahn (2259) 0-1

Benjamin-Erenburg after 30. ... Ke7

After enticing Benjamin's queen to the back rank, Sergey blocks in the white queen, planning to push his queenside pawns. After some maneuvering and eventually letting the white queen out, black's b-pawn could not be stopped. Sergey has improved to 2-0 against GM Benjamin. How many people can say that?

Enkhbat-Ippolito after 45. ... Rf7

Enkhbat had just over 4 minutes while Ippolito was just above 1 minute. Meaning to play 46. Ra8, Enkhbat mouseslipped 46. Ra7. Apparently not noticing that the slip had occurred, he was still trying to play Ra8, which was then set as the premove, so when Ippolito played Kxf3, it caused Enkhbat to make another move 47. Ra8. If not for the double mouseslip, he might have been able to notice that 47. Kc6 was still winning. (For example: 47. Kc6 Kg2 48. d6 Kxh2 49. Rxc7 Rf8 50. d7 Kg1 51. Rc8 h2 52. Rxf8 h1=Q+ 53. Kb6 {not 53. Kc7 Qh2+ when black can find a perpetual})

Molner-Ray Kaufman after 25. ... Ne3

In rematch of Week 1, Mackenzie Molner seems to have Ray's number as again it was the first game of the night to finish. Test your wits by figuring out how Molner finished the game.

Kahn-Shen after 40. c5

In severe time trouble, Shen plays 40. ... Rc3+? (dxc5 may have put up more resistance in light of the trick 41. Ne5+ Kg7 42. dxc5 Bxc5+ 43. Kd2? Be3+!). Aaron eventually won a piece and the game after stopping black's pawns.

With only the draw and Philadelphia's defeat of Boston, the Baltimore Kingfishers fall to 6th place. They are 1.5 match points behind Boston in the race for the last playoff spot.


Anonymous said...

Takeback rules are all discretion -wonder why nothing was said even. Greg probably would not have given it anyway

Arun Sharma said...

Actually, I'm the one who decides on whether takebacks are granted or not, but this one wouldn't have even been a question (we weren't even asked about it probably for this reason). With one player as low as one minute, a takeback can never be given.

It's obviously unfortunate for matches to end that way (as one did in a somewhat similar fashion last year), but playing on the internet does have that inherent issue so things of this nature are inevitable.

Greg Shahade said...

Arun is correct, with the time situation there was no way any kind of takeback was being granted.