Thursday, October 16, 2008

Week 8 Results

Baltimore Kingfishers vs. Boston Blitz 1-3
GM Sergey Erenburg (2592) - SM Jorge Sammour-Hasbun (2576) 1-0
IM Larry Kaufman (2424) - SM Denys Shmelov (2446) 0-1
FM Ray Kaufman (2348) - NM Marc Esserman (2307) 0-1
FM Ralph Zimmer (2328) - NM Ilya Krasik (2144) 0-1

Sadly, the Kingfishers have been officially eliminated from reaching the playoffs. It's been a tough season so far, but there are still two weeks left for the team to try to end on a high note.

There is one bright spot to keep an eye on: Sergey's win this week took 1 point off IM Alex Lenderman's lead in the MVP race. Stay tuned to see if Sergey can catch him!

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